Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Peanut goodies

This is that recipe that I told you about... here it is:
You will need:
Double boiler
Big tray or cookie sheet
waxed paper

8 ounces  of any chocolate
1/2 pound roasted spanish peanuts
Step 1

Cut a sheet of waxed paper
the size of the tray or cookie
sheet you will use.  Place paper
on tray or the cookie sheet.

Step 2 
put 2 inches of water in bottom
of double boiler. Break up chocolate.
Melt in top of double boiler.

Step 3
Remove top of double boiler from
heat.  Add peanuts to melted chocolate.
Mix together thoroughly. 

Step 4
Use 2 spoons to drop mixture
 onto waxed paper. Chill to set
 chocolate. Store in a cool place
Makes 36 pieces
These are chocolate-peanut candies you can have ready in next to no time! If you make the candies small, about bite size, you'll avoid gooey fingers when you are eating them.


  1. Wow Gabe! Those sound delicious! Good job! I love the new look of your blog! I can't wait to go home and try all of your delicious cooking! Love you buddy!

  2. can't wait to try this recipe, Gabe!!! Love you! Your Color Wonder Buddy, Jessica