Monday, November 25, 2013

It Was A Three WOW Day!

I know I already blogged about how cool yesterday was, but that was when the day was only half over and I had no idea that even more great stuff was going to happen yesterday!  So let me remind you about the first things...(see my post from yesterday).  Here's a picture to remind you.  

But then, there's MORE...remember how Livvy and I spoke to a group of little kids last week at Trinity World Outreach Center?  They were age 3 - 5th grade.  Well, apparently, yesterday they did a collection because they made a donation to our page which put us way over our 6% mark...they gave $150!!!  Here's a couple more pictures of them.

And then it just got even better!  Livvy and I went to talk to a C-group.  There were about 20 students there.  They are juniors in high school.  As I was talking, they got a Mason jar and decided to take up a collection for us.  Before we even left they had $20 in the jar.  They also voted on it, and decided to try to raise $1000!  THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME IF THEY DID THAT!!  Some of them said that they would talk to their friends at school.  One student said he would try to post our videos on his video website.  They all prayed for us and asked God to raise the money for us!

So if you are reading this and you want to get involved, you could click the green button at the top of the blog to donate.  Or you could talk to 10 of your friends and ask them to each raise $35 and that would make you a Number One Team Member.  Definitely the best thing you can do even if you don't donate is PRAY PRAY PRAY!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Can Anybody Say, "WOW!?"

WOW! Ok, so what happened today was pretty cool and unexpected.  Today at church they showed the interview that we did with Matt McGuire.  Last night there weren't that many kids but there was one kid that came right up and gave us a quarter.  That was actually pretty sweet.  So today when we went there were a LOT MORE KIDS!  They showed the interview and Matt prayed and then after we got off the stage about 20 - 30 people came out to get our flyers about how to be on the Number One Team.

Then, I went to my small group time, like I do every Sunday.  A few weeks ago Johnny Mac (which he is the top leader of our junior high) had combined his group with our group to make one big group.    So we are now all in one big room and there are four separate 8th grade youth groups.  Johnny Mac asked if I would like to answer questions that anyone in our group had; which I did.  Then my original youth group leader asked me what I thought was a good amount for us to set as a goal to raise as a group.  I said that I thought around $350 would be good.  He said, "I think we could raise $1,000"!  Then Johnny Mac said, "Yeah, what if we challenge all four groups to raise that much before Christmas break!"  (The plan will be that the week that Christmas break starts they will give a party to which ever group raises the highest amount of money!!!)  So then, Johnny Mac said to the whole group, "Hey, gather around, we are having a group meeting right now!  On the week of Christmas break I want to give Gabe a check for four thousand dollars for the hospital project!"

Then all of the groups went back to their spots to plan out how they will win!  I personally think my group will win but then again, another group might prove me wrong, which would be great!  No matter what it is SO COOL THAT THIS IS HAPPENING!!  And if you are reading this because you want to get involved, you can definitely be a NUMBER ONE TEAM MATE!  Just ask 35 friends to give you $10.00 or 10 friends to give you $35.00 and there you go, you will have raised $350!  You can donate right here by clicking on the green donate button.  DON'T FORGET to ask your parents to click the button that says, "Check to see if you work for a matching gift company" and what that does is it will double your money if they are a matching gift company!  And seriously, ANYTHING that you raise will be awesome!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Be a Number One Team Member Because We Need Your Help!

Livvy and I made a video with Matt McGuire who is the leader of the junior high ministry at the church that we go to (Southeast Christian Church).  In fact, you might be visiting my blog because you saw the video.  I am really hoping, and Livvy and I have even started praying that more people will begin to realize that this hospital is only going to be built if everyone does their 1%.  Many people have told me that they would love to be on the number 1 team, but I don't see action, although, many people have already made a plan on how they will do it; and some people have been busy but will start when they are not. Some of you just cannot be on the number 1 team and if that is the case, then maybe you could be one of the people that donates to the number 1 team mates. If you can't donate or join the number 1 team, then there is still a very import thing that you can do, you can continually pray for this project.

I am going to put up some pictures of the cakes Livvy and I have just made.  It took us all day to make these but it was worth it when we saw how happy the people were when they picked them up.  You could do something for people too.  Some of the things you might try are to dust and wash windows for your grandma.  You could have a bake sale.  You could have a lemonade stand.  You could ask your parents and relatives if they would like to donate.  You could make something and sell it.  Any little bit will help.

Monday, November 18, 2013

I Could Really Use Your Help!

I am wondering if any of you have any ideas on how to get people to donate and not just say "I love what your doing". I am very grateful for all of the cake orders, but nobody is donating just to donate and I can't make 3000 cakes. So how do I convince people that this really is a WE project, not just a ME and LIVVY project? So if you have a suggestion, please put it in the comments box, but only give me good advice don't just fill it up with words of encouragement because we are really doing this for God's glory and so if you want to tell us how much you love what we are doing, then tell God that you love what He is doing. Thanks for all of the support, its not that we don't appreciate that, but right now what we really need is prayer, and donations.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Trinity World Outreach Center

Livvy and I got to speak at Trinity World Outreach Center today.  We told the elementary age kids about our project.  This time Livvy did some of the talking and she did a great job.  We showed the kids how we tithe.  They were good listeners and I am hoping they will want to be part of the number one team!  Here is the new video we made so we could show them what we are doing!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Run Along Little Doggie and Donate

Livvy and I made another video for your viewing enjoyment.  Well actually, hopefully this will inspire some of you to matter how large or small the amount, anything will help!  Livvy thought we were doing an Old Spice video so her ending to our video is actually pretty funny!

Notice the legit coyote...oh sorry, spoiler alert!  There is a pretty funny story with the coyote.  My dad got it from a guy that had it stuffed and it was in his office.  My dad brought it home and put it on the deck. We have coyotes behind our house and we hear them sometimes.  So my dad got my grandma who lives with us to come up and he pretended to see the coyote for the first time.  Nobody knew it was a stuffed coyote.  He said, "Hey kids, look at that!  A coyote has come up on our deck!  Let's go see it!" And he opened the door and went out.  My grandma started freaking out and yelling at him that it had rabies because why else would it be up on a deck?  Then we all realized it wasn't moving AT ALL and my grandma was so mad she went to her apartment downstairs and wouldn't even talk to him for a few hours.  Good thing that is his mom because she still loves him even though he does stuff like that to her!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Time for a Little Number One Team Talk

Livvy and I have made a new video.  Here it is. (Gabe Gives a Number One Team Talk) I hope you like it.  It was pretty hard to make it.  I kept laughing and forgetting my lines.  So it ended up taking us about 45 tries.  That is why we are so happy at the end that we scream for joy.  Please be part of the Number One Team and decide to raise 1%!