Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why I Want To Build A Hospital In The Congo

Here is a recent report that I did on Africa:

Africa is a world of poverty and we do not even realize it. As we moan over cleaning our large houses, many of the French-speaking people of Africa would cry tears of joy for having a real house to clean. Not only are the people of Africa in poverty, they are also in danger. There is a civil war going on there and they are living lives full of health issues such as Aids, cancer, pneumonia, infections and so many more. There  are 1.033 billion people in all of Africa and yet there are less then 500 hospitals in Africa; while there are more then 5,500 hospitals for the 313.9 million people in America. (Big difference is Africa has billions, we have millions)
People in Africa make a living by selling precious stones such as diamonds, but still that does not earn them much. The highest income rate for the average African is around $12,000 a year. The people in Africa do not seem to mind their dilemma though, and find joy in playing the world-renowned sport of soccer. While many people do enjoy playing soccer, 42% of all the African people have never opened a math, English, science or even an art text book.

The average family has about six children in their entire family, and yet they mostly prefer to have a boy instead of a girl. Girls require wedding money when they become of age, but boys can do lots of work and do not require the money. Sadly, the majority of orphans in Africa are girls. In Africa, 20% of all children born there, will die before the age of 5.  Many children die each year of a serious disease called, pneumonia. In America children rarely die of this because of the health care here. Although in Africa there was just recently a cure created, it is still not available to the public. For adults there is a more serious chance of death due to diseases such as: Hepatitis A, typhoid fever, and Aids. Sadly, there is no known cure for those diseases in Africa yet, but that is why I would like to build a hospital there, so that they could have the technology to treat these diseases. I am also happy that the hospital will be built by Samaritan’s purse because the people who go to the hospital will not only find medical help, but will also hear about God.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Today we checked on our donations page like we do just about every day, and we saw that we were at 23% and over $8000. So we looked at the donations expecting to find many donations, but to our surprise it was one $1000 donation!! It is really so exciting when something like this happens!! We just wanted to say thank you so much to our good friends the Christensons for the $1000 donation! This is truly an amazing and generous gift! We are sorry we can't give you a cake because we don't ship them, but we will definitely give you one of our first aprons when they are ready! And if you would like, when you come to Abbey's wedding we will have a cake ready for you :) (It might be wedding cake...haha, just kidding). Thank you again so much!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Every LITTLE Bit Helps!

Here are some pictures of some of my favorite little buddies!  It is pretty amazing that they are part of a Number One Team.  In fact, they are probably the youngest Number One Team mates that we know of so far.  Here is what they did to do their part of being on a Number One Team.  Their mom made a flyer that said that they would sell cookies.  Their mom then helped them make the dough (ha ha, cookie dough, that is) and they took orders.   The two little boys then helped roll out the cookies, shape the cookies and put them on a plate.  Eli was the first one to say, "I don't really think that this is as fun as if we just got to eat the cookies!"  They kept working on this though, even though they wanted to just eat the cookies.  One day their mom heard them giggling behind the couch.  There they were, eating some of the cookies!  They had figured out a way to sneak out some of the cookies.  I guess that this plate of cookies became their cookies.

 No matter what, I think that they did a great job, because they ended up making and selling enough cookies to donate $167 to the hospital building project!! This is actually a LOT!  Their uncle is donating the rest of the money so they can all be on the Number 1 team!  I just love it that they helped me and Livvy!  Plus, they are sooooo cute!  Thank you, Eli and Mason, I think you are ROCK STARS for helping!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

An Exciting UPDATE

So, as you know, we are now in 2014.  The last day of the year was pretty fun and exciting!  We had planned a party to celebrate getting to 15% of our fundraising.  On New Year's Eve we were amazed because we saw the fundraising go from 16% to 18% in ONE DAY!  It was so fun to keep going to our donation page and seeing the number changing!  Thank you so much, everyone, for the donations!

The party was really fun!  We made marshmallow guns and we had to hold the dog back from continually eating the marshmallows because they were everywhere!

We made a snowman game board and pom poms that looked like snowballs and we made a snowman-cupcake-making-station.

It was fun to have our friends over and my talented friend, Michael, did yo-yo tricks and a magic show!

Livvy and I can't wait to see what happens this year with our project.  We are working on some ideas!  I have a couple of cake orders coming up too.  Keep praying for us but mostly, please pray for the people that will go to this clinic because they really need to come to know Jesus and this might be the only place they hear about Him.  I also think we should pray for the missionaries that will work there.  It is actually a very dangerous place so let's all start to pray for them to be brave and strong Christians and for God to help them be safe when they work there.